Our Story

In summer 2015 we were searching online for Belizean T-shirts to celebrate Belize independence day but were notwere genereic and could be found every where.. They ended up creating their own designs and enjoyed the attention their one of a kind shirts received. Then, in late 2015 they asked the question, "What if?" What if we create a Belizean T-shirt brand that didn't just make tourist shirts but made high quality products that Belizeans at home and abroad could enjoy? 

With the idea of motivating a wider audience for Belizean products, TEES BELIZE was launched. It quickly became an instant classic and the four t-shirt styles they initially designed immediately sold out.

Tees Belize is the first Belizean T-shirt brand to come out of Belize. Tees is passionate about creating designs that will represent the many diverse features and diverse cultures of Belize. 

We are passionate about making TEES BELIZE a brand that we will be proud of and that you will be proud to wear.

Wearing Tees Belize clothing is a great way to maintain a connection to beautiful Belize. Tees Belize represents a fresh and modern take on the jewel we love so much. Pick up your new favourite pieces from Tees Belize today. We offer easy returns and exchanges and we've partnered with Shopify, the leading ecommerce platform, to ensure that your transaction is as safe and secure as possible.